If you’re looking for a program that will constantly challenge you, provide you with the tools to meet your personal fitness goals and produce great results then CrossFit Tao is perfect for you!

Your health is an investment.  By joining CrossFit Tao, you have ‘invested’ in yourself.  You will have unlimited access and opportunities to work with certified trainers that are passionate about fitness and seeing their clients achieve their goals.  That means they will model the correct technique and ensure you maintain the best balance between technique and intensity.  If you had this personalized training at a regular gym, the cost would be substantially greater.

The WOD is the workout of the day. These workouts can be scaled to meet individual fitness levels.

Most CrossFit workouts are anaerobic versus aerobic which forces them to be performed at higher levels of intensity over shorter times.  Studies have shown that anaerobic exercise produces greater results than longer duration exercise (aerobic activity).  Anaerobic activity produces a reduction of body fat while increasing capacity in cardiovascular endurance without the negative effects of losses in muscle mass and bone density associated with significant amounts of aerobic activity.

There are many ways to warm-up and our certified trainers will guide you through several exercises, as well as, how the program works.  However, certain areas should be a focus during the warm-up: stretching of the hip and legs, hip extension and flexion, and pushing and pulling movements.  A favorite CrossFit warm-up includes the Samson stretch, squats, sit-ups, back extensions, pull-ups, and pushups.

Yes!  Usually, unless the person is taking some type of hormones, eating a high protein diet, and lifting daily, most women look extremely lean and still maintain a ‘feminine’ look.  Remember the goal is to decrease fat and increase muscle mass and cardiovascular endurance.  CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program and NOT a bodybuilding program.

You can get hurt doing ANY activity that is performed incorrectly. At CrossFit Tao, we focus on proper technique before increasing the load (amount of weight) and level of intensity.  We offer a fundamentals program, the Principles of Tao, designed to train you on proper technique and workout management, so you can get the most from your CrossFit training.

Most of us have some type of injury such as knee issues from playing football. The research has shown that exercise often improves the mobility of the injured area by strengthening the tendons and muscles around the joint.  Activities can be scaled (modified) to accommodate injuries.

Nutrition is the foundation for CrossFit. Without the proper nutrition, you won’t have the energy necessary to maintain high levels of intensity during your training, your body will be more susceptible to disease, and your overall quality of life will be impacted.  We encourage a diet of 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% fat that is rich in garden vegetables, especially leafy greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar.  Dr. Barry Sears’ Zone Diet describes how to kick start your nutritional program.