By visiting our site, you’ve already taken the first step by expressing an interest in Tao. Now what?

Our training starts with developing your capacity in the ten recognized fitness domains: cardio respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance.  Through this process, our coaches will adhere to a strict training progression that begins with the development of proper technique,  then developing the ability to consistently maintain these techniques at high intensity and finally we will increase the load.  The result is comprehensive physical fitness and restored vitality.


Contact us to set up an appointment and visit our facility. We would love to have an opportunity to meet with you and discuss your fitness goals.  If you do not have any TAO Training Facility experience, you will be required go through our three month on-ramp program.  This program is designed to help your body adapt to the intensity levels we train at while providing a strong foundation in the fundamental TAO Training Facility movements.