My Story

I will be the first to tell you that I bad mouthed CrossFit for almost 2 years. Why did I need to do pull-ups?  Why did I need to pick weights up and throw them down?   I was a runner.  I didn’t need to do all that craziness to be fit!  Thankfully, one of my running friends knew me well enough to know I would love CrossFit, if I would just step in the door.  He convinced me to meet him at a local box just to “see what it’s all about”.  I walked in, signed up without doing a workout…. and never looked back.I have always been athletic.  I played sports year around throughout high school.  In college, I picked up running and used that exercise as my daily workout routine. I continued running after the birth of my three children because it was easy, quick and got my heart rate up.  I ran 4 half marathons after the age of 30.  I was in the best shape of my life…or so I thought.  I thought I was an athlete until I found CrossFit.  It opened my eyes to a new definition of an athlete and fitness.  It has given me a level of fitness, health and confidence that I have never experienced-plain and simple. Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast.  I never knew how much gymnastics would be to my benefit in the fitness arena.  CrossFit is to gymnastics as peas are to carrots.  They just go together.  The flexibility and coordination I developed at an early age has proven to be beneficial to me in all my daily CrossFit workouts.

I have been CrossFitting for a little over two years.  Since beginning this venture, I have seen my body transform and my confidence level rise.  The constantly varied workouts keep things interesting and challenging.  One of my most favorite aspects of CrossFit is the sense of community that is built among fellow CrossFitters. The people I greet at 5AM and 6AM have become extended family to me.  They start my day off on the right note.  Each person that walks through the doors at CrossFit Tao is accepted by everyone no matter size, shape, background or skill level.  CrossFit changes people from the inside out, and I absolutely love being a part of that change.  It is for EVERYONE!


Olympic Lifting

Level 1, Olympic Lifting