My Story

For years I’d peeked through the windows at CrossFit. I stalked it online though websites and social pages and eavesdropped on conversations from a distance. I thought that one day I’d be “in shape enough” to give it a try. I thought that one day I’d be ready.

Fortunately, in spite of my hesitance and doubt, ┬ámy wife and I stepped into a box in early 2012 and were immediately adopted into the CrossFit family. It wasn’t a toe dip. It was an emersion, a high dive into the deep end. CrossFit’s driving forces of inspiration and personal growth immediately became a part of our lives. The perpetual pursuit of excellence and unyielding commitment to virtuosity have since empowered us to surpass personal goals and realize newfound potentials in fitness, in friendships, in marriage, and one day in parenthood. The CrossFit community of athletes, coaches, and friends continues to grow as a family that provides motivation and encouragement to overcome our obstacles to fitness and enriches our lives with love and support.

Because of CrossFit we know the physical and mental capacities, consistent discipline, and determined commitment that success demands are not handed out for free. They must be earned. We know that tomorrow’s challenge will certainly be harder than today’s; we know it will not be kind, submissive, or familiar. We also know that it’s our family that gives us the courage and determination to meet those challenges with confidence; if we fall down, they’re by our side to cheer us on until we’re on our feet – that isn’t failure, it’s a burpee; we know that what we did today is more than we could do yesterday; we know that what we will achieve tomorrow will be greater than what once had been beyond the margins of our potential. Today we’re ready. 3-2-1 GO!


Olympic Lifting

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