My introduction to CrossFit started in 2009 with the question ‘What’s CrossFit?’ My life long friend, Brian, had begun training at a local box in Atlanta, Georgia and asked me if I had heard about this CrossFit stuff. Brian knew that I had a passion for fitness early in life focusing my efforts on mixed martial arts and bodybuilding in my teenage years. At first I brushed it off, but I could not avoid his excitement of learning new ways to challenge himself and the reignitement of the passion for fitness.

At this point in my life, my training was constantly varied in a negative way. My training consisted of trying to motivate myself to drop by the gym on the way home from the office to hit some legs or trying to manipulate a friend to join me for an evening of chest and triceps…. This strategy left me with random appearances at the gym and a body far from optimal fitness. Then I tried CrossFit…

Being analytical, I quickly became fascinated with the accountability, benchmarking and lack of specialization of CrossFit. The concept of increasing work capacity fueled my fascination with the understanding of the body as an infinitely complex machine that can be trained to make the impossible possible.

I began to obsess on the impact of effective programming for athletes focusing my research on the legendary powerlifter Louie Simmons Limited Conjugate Method, Yuri Verkhoshansky, Vladimir Zatsiorsky and Prilepin’s Chart overlaid on CrossFit programming methodology to produce athletes with optimal fitness.

Five years later, I am more passionate about CrossFit than ever and continue to research, test and evaluate new ways to program for optimal athletic performance. I am constantly inspired with the community at CrossFit Tao where we sweat together, encourage each other, grow together and pursue the common goal of optimal fitness while having fun with the process.

“You must plan to obtain certain objectives.” – Louie Simmons